LED Lighting sets our self apart from our competitors by customizing your order or job. Whether you need a residential or commercial LED lighting design, our LED Lighting technicians are happy to do all the work to figure out exactly what you need. Just send us your design or specifications and we will figure out the rest. We have customized everything from kitchens, wine cellars, outdoor living areas, and commercial buildings, restaurant bar lighting, nightclubs, and sculptures and even train station sours engineer analysis the site in following aspects:

  1. Light fixture count and layout.
  2. Foot candle lighting layout.
  3. Review current wattage and voltage.
  4. CCT according to the customer need.
    • (3000K for Warm White)
    • (4000K for Neutral White)
    • (6500K for Cool White)
  5. Measurements of existing fixtures.
  6. Energy savings analysis to the customer.
  7. Installation supervision.
  8. Analyze the present energy consumption to understand the potential of saving.

If you have questions about our LED Lighting Products or would like a custom quote based on your LED lighting design, please contact us by phone or email.