Luminup Ledlite India Pvt. Ltd. aimed at achieving full satisfaction of our long-term customers. Maintenance of quality and keeping delivery terms are the fundamental considerations. The approach of all employees at all levels to their work is an important condition for presentation of the company in public and for good customer assessment as well as for acquiring new customers and orders. The company committed itself to continuous improvement of efficiency of the quality management system in accordance with standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 etc.

  Luminup Ledlite India Pvt. Ltd. commits and let its employees to implement this policy through the following as in plan:

  •  Make our customer's total experience with Luminup Ledlite India Pvt. Ltd. the best in the industry.

  •  Clearly understand customer needs and provide products that meet those needs.

  •  Processing orders on time and in the shortest possible period of time.

  •  Training and motivating employee to inculcate the spirit of team work to achieve company and individual objective.

  •  Continuous improving of product manufacturing processes.

  •  Continuous improving of the efficiency of the Quality Management System to conform to the requirements of ISO/BIS and International Standard.

  •  Maintaining permanent contact with our clients, in collecting information and opinions about our products and services, and by ensuring reliability and responsibility in business relationships.

  •  Involving employees in developing a product that meets the requirements of the client.