We have the special design to protect the Led product. Most problems can be solved with very little cost, so we can give the customers maximum years warranty time.

We admit there are some defective products, but we really made great effort to treat the defective products, we never ignored the defective products, we spent much time and much effort to improve that.

Although the time is a little longer because our engineers need more time to inspect the defective one, and we need time to find solution about the problem. Also our engineers not treat only one customer like you, we have so many customers to treat, we have so many new products to develop, so that we understand that the time we treat the defective products is a little longer. But from now on, we try our best to treat them as soon as possible.

In a word, if we do not treat the defective products with responsibility, We are sure you cannot get the good products which we improved and resend to you.